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Room One Thousand: Material

Room One Thousand: Material

Room One Thousand: Material


Room One Thousand: Material

University of California Berkeley 2019

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Issue 7 of Room One Thousand takes a materialist approach to the material of architecture, examining how the stuff architecture determines its wider position and culture. Through stories, essays, games, and design proposals the contributors to Material look closely at the building blocks of architecture analyzing the impact and emergent properties of structure fires, model materials, archi-facts, rubble, rendering softwares, democratic firm structures and beyond...

Room One Thousand is a student-run, multi- and inter-disciplinary architecture journal at the University of California, Berkeley. The journal seeks to highlight new and innovative research pertaining to the study of the built environment by fostering conversation between members of the buildings sciences, social sciences, arts, architecture and humanities. Room One Thousand publishes written essays, photographs, architectural drawings, videos, and any other media format amenable to the web and printed page.

190 pp. English