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10 Minutes. Architects and Designers in Conversation

10 Minutes. Architects and Designers in Conversation

10 Minutes. Architects and Designers in Conversation


Barbara Engel and Nikolas Rogge, eds. | Iodine Edition 2023

The book gathers 24 interviews by Stephanie Davidson with architects and designers from 15 countries, about their relationship with materials and how this informs architecture's and design's place in society.
Questions of economy, ecology, cooperation, and pedagogy are at the heart of the conversations, revealing a variety of contemporary, exploratory, and constantly renewed ways of designing and making.

These conversations get to the heart of the guests' practices, developing their relationship to experience and to making, as well as, more broadly, their relationship to society, to politics, to local, vernacular and ecological practices. And a relationship to collaboration and interdisciplinarity.
In this collection of singular practices, architecture, design and art are never out of context. Attention to materials leads us to question our attention to their source (and resources), to the contexts in which projects are produced and carried out, to the tools used and invented, and to the know-how, particularly of craftspeople.

This book looks at the practice of architecture and design in a new way, through the processes, the affects, the side-effects - everything that holds and sustains the people involved in the projects and the buildings themselves.

With ABVM, Omer Arbel, Assemble, Atelier Fanelsa, BAST – Bureau Architectures Sans Titre, Comunal Taller de Arquitectura, Ensamble Studio, Fala Atelier, GAFPA, Jumbo, Lland studio, Inigo Minns, Modular by Mensah, New American House, Norell/Rodhe, O.K. – Office Kovacs, Point Supreme, Porto Academy, Rotor Deconstruction, Sameep Padora & Associates, Sanchez Benton architects, Atang Tshikare, Willow Technologies, Zeller & Moye.

208 pp | 9.5 x 12.5 in. | B&W Illustrations | Paperback

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