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Yona Friedman: Drawings & Models

Yona Friedman: Drawings & Models

Yona Friedman: Drawings & Models


FRIEDMAN. Yona Friedman: Drawings & Models

Cl. Power Station of Art 2016

Book ID: 100169

This bilingual volume is a revised version of Friedman's 'Drawings & Models Ð 1945-2010', a monumental publication which offers a complete overview of the work of one of the greatest artists-architects and urbanist theoreticians today, in its many dimensions (urban, economic, ecological, cultural, social and political). Yona Friedman (born 1923 in Budapest, lives and works in Paris) has since the middle of the 20th century been developing the concept of mobile architecture according to which housing and town planning should be conceived by their users and should integrate the unpredictability of future behaviour of the user.

1056 pp. English/Chinese