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Wolfgang Rang: Light Space

Wolfgang Rang: Light Space

Wolfgang Rang: Light Space


RANG. Bacher, Max. Wolfgang Rang: Light Space

Edition Axel Menges 2014

Book ID: 96554

The goal of this book is to develop temporary light spaces that re-interpret the existing urban environment on a seasonal basis or over a cycle of several years. As a result, the city will literally appear in a new light. Strollers in the city streets will experience their familiar environment in a new way. Illuminated planes interlacing with planes made by linear fields of light beams will create immaterial material space experiences: still lifes of light within which one can move about and light choreographies that move barely noticeably, creating still lifes in motion.
The discourse in this book starts with essays introducing aspects of light spaces and concludes with documents on light spaces by Wolfgang Rang collected over a period of 30 years showing how these light spaces were regarded in the writings of contemporaries.

276 pp. Cl.