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Vicente Alonso Ibarra, arquitecto

Vicente Alonso Ibarra, arquitecto

Vicente Alonso Ibarra, arquitecto


Alonso Ibarra. Alejandro Aguilera, Alejandro Ayllón
Arquine, 2017
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This book presents a careful selection of projects from the vast work of the architect Vicente Alonso Ibarra, who has developed an important practice during the last forty years, with around sixty projects built. His work combines the rigor and expressiveness learned from his teachers José Luis Benlliure and Vladimir Kaspé, which, together with his professional maturity, has allowed him to express himself in his own language.

The projects presented, both residential, commercial and corporate, show a clear understanding of the city. Through the discreet insertion of quality architecture, the complex urban fabric of cities like Mexico City is given continuity and strength.

The book is complemented by reflections on his work by the authors of Antonio Fernández Alba, Vicente Quirarte Castañeda and Alejandro Aguilera.

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