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Valerio Olgiati   Villa Alem

Valerio Olgiati Villa Alem

Valerio Olgiati Villa Alem


Olgiati, Valerio.  Schoper, Tom. Text.
ABC  2015
SKU: S02450

The reasons for this house:
For many years, my wife Tamara and I had been searching for a place for which we could leave our current home in the Swiss mountains on social, cultural and climatic grounds. In the Alentejo region in Portugal, we found the perfect situation. A wonderful climate, a wide empty landscape and an existing culture that we like. Here, we spend a couple of months a year. From here, we work – my wife is also an architect – close to our office in Flims.
The basic idea and the all-influencing aim of our project was to create a garden, even more than a shelter, which, of course, we also have.

352 pages, 150 ill. (150 col.). 22.9 x 28.7 cm. 1,9 kg. Hardcover.