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U.S. Design 1975 - 2000

U.S. Design 1975 - 2000

U.S. Design 1975 - 2000


R. Craig Miller

et al.Prestel Verlag 2002

Book ID: 94881

U.S. Design 1975 - 2000 One of the defining characteristics of American design since 1975 has been its lack of any dominant theoretical or stylistic approach. This book celebrates this pluralism by presenting an array of objects from architects as well as decorative, industrial, product and graphic designers. It features the work of such international stars as Robert Venturi, Frank Gehry and Michael Graves; next-wave artists of the 1980s such as Thom Mayne, Steven Holl, Katherine McCoy and David Carson; and today's emerging young designers, including Karim Rashid, Christopher Deam and Ross Menuez.

256 pp., B&W and color photos and illus. English Cl.