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Typography Papers 9

Typography Papers 9

Typography Papers 9


Hall, Stuart and Paul Stiff

Hyphen Press 2014

Book ID: 95939

Typography Papers 9. Typography Papers 9 opens with a beautifully illustrated article by type designer Gerard Unger on "Romanesque" letters, followed by a new installment of Eric Kindel's ground-breaking history of stencil letters. Maurice Gšldner contributes the first history of an early twentieth-century German typefounder, BrŸder Butter. Paul Luna discusses the role of pictures in dictionaries. William Berkson and Peter Enneson propose a new view of readability of text. Titus Nemeth describes a new form of Arabic type for metal composition. Together, this international lineup of contributors shows the remarkable variety and vitality of typography now.

176 pp. Pap.