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Typograf Oldrich Hlavsa     jde o to aby slo  oneco

Typograf Oldrich Hlavsa jde o to aby slo oneco

Typograf Oldrich Hlavsa jde o to aby slo oneco


Oldrich, Hlavsa.

Vi Per Gallery 2021

SKU S03580

With this monographic work, Barbora Toman Tylová celebrated the work of the author, whose work forms an important chapter in the history of Czech graphic design of the second half of the 20th century. Oldřich Hlavsa is presented in such a comprehensive and cultured way as he approached his work, magazines and books. The graphics and overall elaboration of the publication clearly follow Hlavs' artistic feeling and thus make the purity and thoughtful simplicity of his work sound. With his approach to writing and color, Oldřich Hlavsa affected a number of graphic artists and thus significantly helped the visual sophistication of books in general. The publication contains not only examples of Hlavs's works, but also a committee of correspondence that shows the author in the context of the time in which he lived and created. By approaching the processing of the book, he helped to elevate the craft to art, he considered the book to be a means of communication, a distinctive work of art, which act comprehensively. He combined ideas and aesthetic perception while requiring the reader's interaction. In today's hectic times, making this view of the book available to the general public is a worthwhile publishing act. Czech.. 

580 pp. Many in color + b/w