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Torafu Architects: Airvase Book

Torafu Architects: Airvase Book

Torafu Architects: Airvase Book


TORAFU. Torafu Architects: Airvase Book

Pap BSS, 2011

Book ID: 90366

Airvase is an amazing product that creates a container out of a single sheet of paper. The shape can be changed freely to meet the intended use, becoming a small bowl, plant pot or vase, for example, depending on the way you spread it out. Another attraction is that while it maintains the shape it has been manipulated into, it can be flattened to save space when not in use and then opened out again later.This visual book aims to introduce the charm of airvase, its uses, examples of it on display and other aspects. Comes with a limited edition airvase featuring a fabric design and a print of an original drawing by Min Perhonen.

36 pp. B&W photos, illus. Japanese/English.