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The World Ornament Sourcebook

The World Ornament Sourcebook

The World Ornament Sourcebook


Racinel, Auguste.

Cl 2011 Vivays

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This amazing compilation of decorative motifs from around the world is unparalleled in its range of coverage with examples from early Greek, Roman and Egyptian designs through those of the 19th century. Geographically diverse, the book covers ornamentation from Asia and Africa as well as Europe and the Americas. Originally published in the 19th century in two volumes, this work by Auguste Racinet was an invaluable resource to artists, designers and architects when it was first published and continues to be so today. The period when Racinet's volumes were being published for the first time (1869 through 1887) saw a renewed interest in classicism and the decorative arts and Racinet's work was certainly influential.

222 pp., Many color & B&W illus.