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The Ordinary

The Ordinary

The Ordinary


Walker, Enrique. Rem Koolhaas, Denise Scott Brown And Yoshiharu Tsukamoto. The Ordinary

Columbia University Press

Pap. 2017

Book ID: 101204

The Ordinary articulates a potential genealogy for this practice and for the genre of books derived from it. Organized around conversations with the authors of three seminal texts that document the city Denise Scott Brown's Learning from Las Vegas (1972), Rem Koolhaas's Delirious New York (1978), and Yoshiharu Tsukamoto's Made in Tokyo (2001) this volume traces the history of these "books on cities" by examining the material they recorded, the findings they established, the arguments they advanced, and the projects they promoted. These conversations also question the assumptions underlying this practice and whether in its ubiquity it still remains a space of opportunity.

128 pp. English