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The Best of Nest

The Best of Nest

The Best of Nest


Oldham, Todd.

Phaidon 2020

SKU S03551

Published from 1997 to 2004 by artist Joe Holtzman, Nest magazine eschewed the conventionally beautiful luxury interiors of other magazines and instead featured non-traditional, exceptional, and unusual environments. The Best of Nest, created by master bookmaker and former fashion designer Todd Oldham, includes selections from all 26 issues in a series of portfolios featuring the work of iconic writers and photographers such as Michael Cunningham, Patti Smith, Nan Goldin, and Derry Moore.

The book includes an introduction by Oldham, as well as an extensive essay by Holtzman, filled with new observations and a behind-the-scenes look at each issue's creation. Arranged chronologically, The Best of Nest presents each issue in a 16-page portfolio. An edit of the best stories, the best photographs, and the best design treatments have been selected and amplified in this lavish volume.

Replicating many of the clever and singular design elements that endeared Nest to its passionate fans around the world, The Best of Nest including gatefolds, foldouts, diecuts, and covers with silver foil and glitter.

542 pages, 9.95" x 1.75" x 12.85" HB.