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The Architecture of Harry Weese

The Architecture of Harry Weese

The Architecture of Harry Weese


Weese, Harry.  Breugmann, Robert.

WW Norton 2010

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This study tells the story of one of America's most gifted architects of the postwar years. During a career that spanned half a century from the 1930s to the 1980s, Weese produced a large number of significant designs ranging from small but highly inventive houses to large urban scale commissions like the Washington, D.C., Metro system. Although influenced to some degree by the rational, and often austere, work of European modernists like Mies van der Rohe, in most of his own oeuvre Weese instead followed the example of Nordic architects like Gunnar Asplund and Alvar Aalto in favoring natural materials, human scale, and comfort; his work was characterized by a deep respect for older buildings and existing urban patterns and a fondness for unexpected, often idiosyncratic design decisions.

240 pp. many color and b/w illus.