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Taizo Kuroda

Taizo Kuroda

Taizo Kuroda


KURODA. Jodidio, Philip

Prestel, 2009

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For centuries, Japanese potters have created remarkable ceramic vessels, usually intended for use in tea ceremonies or as tableware. In contrast, the work of Taizo Kuroda is revered not for its functionality, but for its formal purity and artistic quality. Each of Kuroda’s unglazed works hints at the artist’s fascination with crossing the barriers of time and space to achieve what he calls, “creating for infinity.” Imperfect by design, his works have found admirers among such significant figures as the fashion designer Issey Miyake and the architect Tadao Ando, who respectively wrote the preface and introduction for this book. Featuring photographs that emphasize the transcendental beauty of Taizo Kuroda’s white porcelain, this book is a must for anyone interested in contemporary ceramics.

144 pp. / hb / 120 illus.