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Sdra €ngby: Modernism Architecture Landscape

Sdra €ngby: Modernism Architecture Landscape


ANGBY. Andersson, Thorbjrn & Sren Johansson Sdra €ngby: Modernism Architecture Landscape

Cl. Carlsson Bokfrlag 2015

Book ID: 100654

Sdra €ngby is a suburban development of over five hundred single- family homes strewn across two hills on the north shore of Lake Mlaren, one of the largest collections in Europe of single-family homes in modernist style. The community was located directly west of Stockholm, and built between 1934 and 1940. It quickly earned the nickname of the White City.

This book is about Sdra €ngby Ð about the ideas that developed among Stockholms urban planners, how international precedents from places like France and Germany influenced them, who the architects were that designed the houses, how they were built, where the first residents came from, and how we can preserve this national cultural heritage site for future generations. English