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Social Urbanism

Social Urbanism

Social Urbanism


Bellalta, Maria
AR+D, 2020
SKU: S02844

This book serves as a critical review of SOCIAL URBANISM, defined as a theoretical and practical approach to urban globalization, deriving from a planning strategy and portfolio of built projects that seek to alleviate the social consequences of urbanization.

This book emphasizes both the projects and the processes that simultaneously consider ecological and socio-economic components of space, and which highlight a greater focus on social sustainability. In a context in which geography defines space and culture, and through the challenges of global climate change, we are inextricably united in an era of environmental uncertainty, where shared experiences and values place us within a collective culture, inspiring mutual agency in service of this vision for SOCIAL URBANISM.

Through the work presented here, SOCIAL URBANISM is expanded as a worldview that considers the cultural values of a given place as interconnected to the geographical landscape of the region, and therefore, as the driving forces behind future models of globalization and urban growth. The points of view of multiple colleagues and experts across differing fields additionally provide introspection on the value and implementation of SOCIAL URBANISM. These shared opinions strengthen the significance of this work and affirm the joint values and visions for the global urbanization challenges we are confronting in the 21st century, and which continue into the future.

272pp., CL, English