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Sadar + Vuga: A Review

Sadar + Vuga: A Review

Sadar + Vuga: A Review


Sadar + Vuga. Ruby, Ilka and Andreas.

Hatje Cantz. 2011

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Sadar + Vuga is a Slovenian architecture office that caused an international sensation even with its first building, the quarters of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, realized in Ljubljana in 1999. Since then, the office -- with its unmistakable and charismatic architectural language -- has secured a place for itself in the international architecture scene. Having been able to realize the majority of their projects in Ljubljana, Sadar + Vuga have made a strong impact on the contemporary urban texture of the Slovenian capital like very few architects before them. Even so, their projects quite consciously forgo adhering to a homogenous formal language. Rather, each of them 

255pp. Cl Many illus and drawings