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Rinko Kawauchi - Leiko Ikemura

Rinko Kawauchi - Leiko Ikemura

Rinko Kawauchi - Leiko Ikemura


KAWAUCHI, IKEMURA. Rinko Kawauchi - Leiko Ikemura

Nohara 2015

Book ID: 100910

This tranquilly meandering volume is a record of conversations between two artists who are also long-time friends, conducted through poetry and softly resonant photographs. Artist Leiko Ikemura's main techniques are painting and ceramic sculpture. Photographer Rinko Kawauchi is trusted by Ikemura to be present as she produces her taut, finely honed works. The correspondence that continues when they are apart, radiating and responding to each other's artistic realms, expresses their individual approaches to the indeterminate nature of our world. The correspondence accompanying their respective travels is also included in the book.

82 pp, illus color Japanese Pap.