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Piles of Bricks

Piles of Bricks

Piles of Bricks


Bie Michels 

Art Paper Editions 2020

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‘Piles of Bricks / Piles de briques’ by Bie Michels presents the working proces of her project ‘Bricks in Madagascar’. This project consists of two films, ‘La couleur de la brique’ and ‘Ingahy Kama’, the installation ‘Circular construction versus human body—referring to Toshikatsu Endo’, which she showed in Madagascar (October 2017) and Argos Brussels (May 2018), and the performance ‘Piles of bricks (working process)’, on which she will work 8 weeks before the book presentation and which will be performed at that moment.

Besides images and stills, five writers deliver a contribution in their own working field related to the project: Hobisoa Raininoro (Art assistent and former director of CRAAM (Centre de Ressources des Arts Actuels de Madagascar, MG), Rafolo Andrianaivoarivony (Professor History University of Antanarivo, MG), Petra Van Brabandt (Doctor philosophy Sint Lucas Antwerp, B), Gwyn Campbell (Professor History Mc Gill University, CA) and Nanne op ‘t Ende (writer, NL)

In Bie Michels’ work (°1960, Congo, lives and works in Antwerp) the act of observation, registration and questioning ‘the other’ is at the centre of her interest. With video’s, photography, prints and sculptures she questions her own position towards her subjects. The other way around, also her subjects, ‘the other’ is given a space to leave comments or to participate. In this way the opinion of the ‘outsider’ is an inherent part of the outcome. Michels experiments with cooperative and participative projects and plays with narrative structures.


16 × 24 cm, 212 p, ills colour, paperback
ISBN 9789493146365
design and editing: Bie Michels & Lien Van Leemput for 6m56s
language: English, Dutch, French