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PAX Monographs 1 of 10: Andrea Palladio in Los Angeles

PAX Monographs 1 of 10: Andrea Palladio in Los Angeles


PAX Monographs, 2021
SKU: S03233

"Andrea Palladio in Los Angeles" is a monograph of twenty-one new Palladian projects set in present-day Los Angeles.  Accompanied by critical essays and meticulously redrawn projects from Palladio's seminal text, "I Quattro Libri dell'Architettura," the publication examines Los Angeles' complex urban and cultural context through the guise of Palladian proportion, typology, and ideology.

Andrea Palladio is known equally for his built work as he is for his written work, the influence of which is clearly felt on the course of architecture in America. Despite the fact that he was born less than two decades after the discovery of America and would, quite clearly, never build in Los Angeles, this publication offers suggestions of what might have been had Palladio made it to the Pacific.

The inaugural issue of PAX, "Andrea Palladio in Los Angeles," will deal with these two historically distant but thematically intimate topics in search of a richer and more productive reading of both.

210 pp., English, PB.