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Noaarchitecten - North North West

Noaarchitecten - North North West

Noaarchitecten - North North West


Grafe, Stephen Bates Christoph Noaarchitecten - North North West

Architectura & Natura 2014

Book ID: 98040

Since the very beginning noAarchitects knows how to profile both with remarkable small achievements as with large-scale public buildings including the power station Petrol in Antwerp and the spatial transformation of the town hall in Menen. A contemplative study room for students appears to be a former prison of Hasselt. A faade brings reading in the city and gives the collection of the Museum Plantin Moretus in Antwerp a face. In his projects Brussels based noAarchitects tries to reach beyond the visual experience to an overall spatial experience. Graphic design by Hans Gremmen.

266 pages English and Dutch Edition Pap