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New India Designscape

New India Designscape

New India Designscape


Romano, Simona ed. New India Designscape

Corraini Edizioni. 2013

Book ID: 95477

Compact and colourful, this book accompanies an exhibition on the world of contemporary Indian design, curated by Simona Romano at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan. Looking at new developments on the subcontinent with a view towards globalisation and transculturalism, the 32 designers included here depict a country that epitomises the dialogue between tradition and fast-paced change, revealing a place that is difficult to decipher or classify. Simultaneously, it produces new contents for a global society while unceasingly searching for its ancestral origins. A critical essay by Romano offers key insight into the captivating panorama of Indian design today.

104 pp. Pap.