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Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty


Edited by Laurent Esmilaire, Tristan Chadney with a photo essay by Tatiana Macedo

Polígrafa and Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa 2019

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The publication is a prolongation of the thoughts and reflexions of the Natural Beauty exhibition. It constitutes in itself a content that can be looked at as a book and as a part of the exhibition.

On the one hand, the publication takes the form of a series of statements on architecture, construction, rationality and photography. On the other, it proceeds as a photographic essay of Tatiana Macedo, that gathers side by side constructive forms, taking advantage of the structure of a book. These two parts are the two faces of the same coin that gives thematic readings on the specificities of the rationale of construction, leading to an understanding of the logics behind the construction of forms and how the rational nature of a construction can lead to a form of natural beauty.


Softcover, 21,2 x 13 cm, 36 pages

English edition