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Michael Wolf - Hong Kong Flora

Michael Wolf - Hong Kong Flora

Michael Wolf - Hong Kong Flora


WOLF, Michael. Michael Wolf - Hong Kong Flora

Peperoni Books.


Book ID: 97267

Perched atop drainpipes, set in glass jars, peeking out from vents and air-conditioning units, or dangling from wires, the flora of Hong Kongs urban landscape is as ubiquitous as it is hardy, yet almost goes unnoticed against the overwhelming backdrop of apartment high-rises, neon lights and cracked walls. Photographed by Michael Wolf, the forlorn cultivars and opportunistic vegetation of the city whether carefully tended, forgotten or simply growing wild Ð appear as a metaphor of natures struggles amidst the concrete jungle. Wolf even takes it a step further with some images, wherein true plants are superseded, their form echoed in the root-like tangles of cables and pipes.

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