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London Caffs

London Caffs

London Caffs


Heathcote, Edwin

Pap. New York, 2004

Book ID: 64679

London Caffs (cafes)is a document of a fast-disappearing London archetype, the workers' caff, or greasy spoon. It features over thirty establishments with original contemporary fittings, which are still functioning today. The book is lavishly illustrated with evocative photography, specially commissioned from architectural photographer Sue Barr. Each caff is accompanied by anecdotal texts, which pick up on atmosphere and context, as well as design details. Under each entry, the address and nearest tube of the caff is listed, providing an essential guide to the best caffs in London. The scene is set by Edwin Heathcote in the introduction, where he examines the phenomenon of the caff and why it has constituted such a pivotal space in London life.

168 pp., illus.