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Innovative Product Design Practice

Innovative Product Design Practice

Innovative Product Design Practice


Liu, Carl

Cl. Beijing, 2007

Book ID: 76993

This book is a sketchy collection that shows successful design realization and ideation sketch skills through real design cases. It is divided into two major parts. The first part presents the creating process of four brand product design cases the author worked on, including Compaq iPaq, Vortex Ring Shooter, Kensington Webcam, and Nike Running Watch Triax 300. The second one shows sketch demos step by step, including introduction to traditional hand sketch tools and computerized digital tools, as well as tool demos through real design cases. This book can be a good tool for industrial design students and designers, aiming for a better understanding of design realization process and skills, and for a more effective design communication.

241 pp., 500 illus.