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Images of Reality

Images of Reality


Bruno Munari, Giovanni Belgrano

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Designed by Bruno Munari and Giovanni BelgranoImages of reality contains 40 cards with photographs which feature a number of subjects seen from various points of view and in several ways.
A shoe, a hand, a fish or a lightbulb can look very different if we observe them from different perspectives, or if we see them as changing objects, where the name is only one of the many possible representations.
Comparing realistic colour photography to black and white photography, the photographic negative and the last step of the written word (in six languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese), the game stimulates the learning of the differences between real objects and their representations.


Languages Italian, English, French and German

 Pieces 40 cards + 12 white sheets

Width 15.5

Height 15.5