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Hiroshi Hara: Wallpapers

Hiroshi Hara: Wallpapers

Hiroshi Hara: Wallpapers


HARA. Hiroshi Hara. Hiroshi Hara: Wallpapers

Gendaikikakushitsu 2015

Book ID: 101236

Japanese architect Hiroshi Hara, whose major works include Kyoto Station, the Umeda Sky Building in Osaka, and other important structures in Japan, is also known for his rich doctrines on architecture, which draw connections with disciplines such as philosophy and anthropology. In this impeccably designed and densely erudite volume, he presents so-called transcriptions about spatial concepts and modes, applying his decades of experience and thinking, including texts from his lectures at graduate school and mathematical formulas derived from his background as an engineer, to dialectic writings centred on the theme of a special exhibition entitled WALLPAPERS.

260 pp. Japanese/English Pap