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Grammatik Der Ornamente

Grammatik Der Ornamente


Jones, Owen
Day & Son Ltd., 1856
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Original edition. Includes designs and ornamentations architectural devices of Savage Tribes (African), Egyptian, Persian, Grecian, Pompeiean, Roman, Byzantine, Arabian, Turkish, Moorish, Indian & Hindu, Celtic, Chinese, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Elizabethean, Stained Glass, Italian and other origins. Text in German. An encyclopedia of early design in handsome plates.

Owen Jones (1809-1874). English architect, designer, writer, and illustrator; influential theorist of principles of ornamental designs. He published in 1856, the important Grammar of Ornament, a joint production with M.D. Wyatt, which contained examples of the decorative motifs of all countries and all historical periods. It proved tp be a veritable bank of decorative ideas for nineteenth century designers. William Morris and Christopher Dresser were known to have copies in their libraries. Josef Hoffman used it as a sourcebook to turn Austrian Jugendstil to a more rigorous formalism. It also contains a list of "General Principles in the Arrangement of Form and Color, in Architecture and the Decorative Arts". It established the guide lines for a new generation of designers in its analytical approach to design. A magnificently beautiful production.

Tall Folio, fine condition, wine morocco covers with gilt designs; with 112 chromolithgraphs in stunning colors (8 1/2 x 13 inches, each plate), also the first book to have full color plates printed by chromolithography.
Small cracks at the hinge, color on the cover has been faded over time.