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Fransje Killaars

Fransje Killaars

Fransje Killaars


KILLAARS. Lutticken, Sven and Bianca Stigter. Fransje Killaars

Cl. NAi010. 2013

Book ID: 94300

Dutch artist Fransje Killaars (born 1959) is internationally renowned for her enormous installations of brightly colored textiles. Initially influenced by virtuosos of bold color such as Matisse and Ellsworth Kelly, Killaars soon encountered the wall drawings of Sol LeWitt (whom she assisted for many years), which moved her to venture beyond the canvas and devise wall-mounted installations. Her work received a second transformative jolt in 1990, when she visited India and fell in love with the countryÕs vibrant fabric culture, and the ubiquitous presence of bright textiles in everyday life. The room-filling textile installations Killaars has created for galleries all over the world are complemented by her many public commissions, of which her most famous is perhaps her installation for the North Delegates Lounge of the UN Headquarters in New York. This volume is the fullest overview of her work to date.

176 pp.