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Frans Mettes - Affichevirtuoos

Frans Mettes - Affichevirtuoos

Frans Mettes - Affichevirtuoos


METTES. Escher, Gielijn et al. Frans Mettes - Affichevirtuoos

Cl. De Buitenkant. 2012

Book ID: 94705

Perhaps not a familiar name outside the Netherlands, Frans Mettes was a commercial artist whose recognisable style and characteristic humour translated into advertisements of the highest quality. From political, film and public safety posters to iconic ads for well-known Dutch brands like Heineken, Droste, Hartevelt, Amstel and Boldoot, bold colours and a cartoonish flair and imagination make things spring to life in his works. Thoroughly researched by Gielijn Escher, Paul Mertz and Paul van Yperen, and presented with informative texts and countless reproductions, the life and work of Mettes is reproduced here in vivid detail, inviting a discovery of this poster virtuoso.

144 pp. Dutch.