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Electra 4 / Media and Journalism

Electra 4 / Media and Journalism

Electra 4 / Media and Journalism


Monade 2019
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Journalism and the Media are the central issues of the fourth edition of Electra.

In this file the french philosopher Yves Citton reflects upon the concept of populism; Cristina Margato interviews Joshua Benton, from Harvard University, about press constraints; Carla Baptista approaches the topic of fake news, the misinformation, the interests and the impossible regulation in the field of journalism; Barbie Zelizer, analyses the relation between crisis and journalism.

This edition’s interview talks to Alexander Kluge, an outstanding figure in German culture since the 1960s. The recent proclamation of Israel as a Nation-State of the Jewish people is the topic of the Diagonal section.

Also in this issue, Samuel Beckett; Albert Einstein and Ludwig Wittgenstein; the city of Berlin by the German poet and essayist Durs Grünbein. Felipe Vera on temporary cities and ephemeral urbanism; and Vítor Barreto and the concept of "transparency”.

In the section "Selected Works", among others, is the exhibition of the sculptor Rui Chafes, in Paris. The fourth edition of Electra also publishes a portfolio of South African artist William Kentridge, cover author of this edition’s number.

Pb. 236pp.