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Edvard Ravnikar: Architect and Teacher

Edvard Ravnikar: Architect and Teacher

Edvard Ravnikar: Architect and Teacher


RAVNIKAR. Vodopivec, Ales and Rok Znidarsic. Edvard Ravnikar: Architect and Teacher

Cl. Springer Wien 2010

Book ID: 94279

Ravnikar, 1907-1993, is considered the central figure in Slovenia's post-WWII architecture. He was Joze Plecnik's most famous student. Plecnik studied under Otto Wagner. Ravnikar worked for Le Corbusier in Paris as of 1939 after completing his studies in 1935. His thorough planning reflects Plecnik's poetic architecture, while his formal work was in line with Le Corbusier's vision of urban planning and modern architecture. Ravnikar was his own man artistically, and wasn't only successful as an architect. He was a critic and essayist for the Slovenian and international media. All of this influenced generations of Slovenian architects and explains why Ravnikar can be felt in almost all major Slovenian buildings and monuments. This monograph can be viewed as the result of an examination of Ravnikar's oeuvre. It contains documentation on his buildings and written work, as well as contributions by Friedrich Achleitner, William J.R. Curtis, Friedrich Kurrent, Boris Podrecca and many others.

348 pp.