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Diggers and Dreamers

Diggers and Dreamers


ENGVIST, Love. Diggers and Dreamers

Oyster Press 2009

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For a number of years Love Enqvist has studied the long-term thought inherent to Utopia. He has visited and observed many of the intentional communities that live today, and this has led to a both personal, often beautiful documentation. He has also taken a look at the communities that did not survive and at the rich literature that exists on intentional communities. ÒDiggersÓ is referring both to an English 17th century movement by the same name and to hippies in the 1960s. Photos are taken at the Open City of Ritoque (Chile), Christiania (Denmark), Auroville (India), Eclectic City (Brazil), Findhorn (Scotland), Arcosanti (USA) and many more. Includes an essay by Felicity D.Scott.

182 pp., illus. Cl.