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Dietmar Tanterl: Light Housing

Dietmar Tanterl: Light Housing

Dietmar Tanterl: Light Housing


TANTERL. Friedel, Helmut

ed. Cl. Vienna, 2005

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Dietmar Tanterl's focus is on his architecture-related work with light. He carried out work with architects such as Gunther Domenig, Kurt Ackermann, HPP and Peter Schweger. The light artist basically assumes in his work that contemporary art no longer has a reference function. All elements can be found in the work of art itself; there is no content relevant to the work outside. The thus self-referential work becomes reality itself. Tanterl's medium are spaces and light situations. The viewer can experience for himself whether and how spaces can be experienced differently through his interventions or even what seems to be certain is refuted.

German/English. 176 pp., 200 color illus.