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Dayne Trower: External Walls

Dayne Trower: External Walls

Dayne Trower: External Walls


TROWER, Dayne. Dayne Trower: External Walls.

Dayne Trower.


Book ID: 95987

A series of small objects made from thin slices of timber is presented with an unusual degree of precision. In this study of theme and variation our attention is drawn to slight shifts in emphasis and technique, within an overall formal repetition. The work reads at one level as a self-referential set, complete, but it is also fragmentary Ð each piece a snapshot of a continuous thought process around the making of something else. The models are a methodical study of alterations made to an existing site, and a method of communicating this process with a client. Put together as a whole, the sequence also presents an argument for an approach to architecture and a way of building.