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Danny Lyon: Message to the Future

Danny Lyon: Message to the Future

Danny Lyon: Message to the Future


LYON. Cox, Julian and Elisabeth Sussman. Danny Lyon: Message to the Future

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco 2016

Book ID: 101007

Coming of age in the 1960s, the photographer Danny Lyon (b. 1942) distinguished himself with work that emphasized intimate social engagement. In 1962 Lyon traveled to the segregated South to photograph the civil rights movement. Subsequent projects on biker culture, the demolition and redevelopment of lower Manhattan, and the Texas prison system, and more recently on the Occupy movement and the vanishing culture in Chinas booming Shanxi Province, share Lyons signature immersive approach and his commitment to social and political issues that concern those on the margins of society. Lyons photography is paralleled by his work as a filmmaker and a writer. Danny Lyon: Message to the Future is the first in-depth examination of this leading figure in American photography and film, and the first publication to present his influential bodies of work in all media in their full context. Lead essayists Julian Cox and Elisabeth Sussman provide an account of Lyons five-decade career. Alexander Nemerov writes about LyonÕs work in Knoxville, Tennessee; Ed Halter assesses the artists films; Danica Willard Sachs evaluates his photomontages; and Julian Cox interviews Alan Rinzler about his role in publishing LyonÕs earliest works. With extensive back matter and illustrations, this publication will be the most comprehensive account of this influential artists work.

288 pp. English Cl.