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Corrugated Iron Buildings

Corrugated Iron Buildings

Corrugated Iron Buildings


Thomson, Nick. Corrugated Iron Buildings

Pap. Shire Library. 2011

Book ID: 98218

Prefabricated corrugated iron buildings have been produced by manufacturers in Britain since the middle of the nineteenth century. Structures ranging from humble cottages to substantial churches, from halls to hospitals and hotels were produced, packed and consigned to destinations at home and abroad. Though often seen as cheap and temporary, these buildings are an expression of a progressive and vital chapter in the history of the construction industry. First used in 1829, corrugated iron has become a familiar element of vernacular building, bringing it's particular character and colour to the rural landscape or urban realm. The author draws on a wide range of research to highlight the significance of these often overlooked buildings in Britain and across the world.

64 pp.