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Living with Wood

Living with Wood

Living with Wood


Loft Publication, 2016
SKU: S02015

Wood is one of the original construction materials, used by the earliest civilizations for its strength, availability, and beauty. But, as other materials were discovered, wood became less and less fashionable, to the point where many modern homes only use wood for the frame of the house and often not even for that.

Recently, however, wood is making a comeback as a premiere building material. Now, architects and designers are once again using wood for construction because of its infinite applications for interior and exterior design. It is also an eco-friendly material, and new building codes even allow for the use of recycled wood.

Living with Wood offers hundreds of photographs and floor plans of beautiful wood homes across the world. The homes depicted use wood to blend into the environment and not disrupt the natural scenery. Additionally, the interiors of the homes are styled using handcrafted wood furniture that adds to the unique ambiance created by using one of nature’s greatest resources.

English/Multilingual, 512 pp., CL.