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Collecting Contemporary

Collecting Contemporary

Collecting Contemporary


Lindemann, Alan

Pap. Koln, 2006

Book ID: 69459

Like a textbook for a class given by all of the worldÕs leading experts, Collecting Contemporary is the one and only book to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about the contemporary art market. The introduction explains the ABCs of buying art on the primary and secondary markets, at auction, and at art fairs and gives an overview of the world art scene and its social circles. The main body of the book brings together tell-all interviews with the biggest players in the global art market: the Critic, the Dealer, the Consultant, the Collector, the Auction House Expert, and the Museum Curator/Director. Rounding up the book are chapters on the year in art collectingÑgiving a timeline of the most important annual auctions, exhibitions, fairs, etc. around the worldÑas well as a glossary of terms every art savvy player should know.

300 pp., color illus.