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Claudy Jongstra: Matter and Meaning

Claudy Jongstra: Matter and Meaning

Claudy Jongstra: Matter and Meaning


Claudy Jongstra Claudy Jongstra: Matter and Meaning

Artimo 2005

Book ID: 101407

Part primitive, part animal, part magic, Claudy Jongstra's felt textiles are unique in their rough sophistication. Some seem to come straight from the back of the beast, while others are worked with a finesse that makes them a statement in raw elegance. Jongstra uses unrefined materials--wild silk, linen, camel, cashmere and especially wool--which she treats with original techniques, resulting in sensationally creative fabrics. She raises a herd of 150 sheep in the Dutch countryside, many representing rare indigenous breeds like the long-haired Drenthe Heath, whose shorn locks she felts along with the straw and lanolin accumulated on their original owners' wanderings. Her fabrics have been used by Christian Lacroix, John Galliano and Donna Karan. She has produced wall coverings for the architect Rem Koolhaas and costumes for the Jedi warriors in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. In September, her work was shown at Moss in New York.

142 pp., like new, cover has shelf-wear English Pap.