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Cicada Landscape Architecture

Cicada Landscape Architecture

Cicada Landscape Architecture


CICADA. Bingham-Hall, Patrick Cicada Landscape Architecture

Pesaro Publishing 2014

Book ID: 100757

Acknowledged as one of Asia's most influential landscape architects, Cicada have pioneered the transition of landscape design from a purely decorative post-colonial backdrop to a much-needed response to the phenomenon of the new Asian city. In this context, the creation of beautifully composed and culturally sensitive landscapes provides a unique opportunity to excape from the depersonalised environment of the 21st century conurbation.

Cicada's Singapore projects were acclaimed as the protoypes for a new approach in a rapidly urbanising environment, and their work quickly became the benchmark for landscape design throughout Asia. Many of their most notable designs have been realised in the massive condominium cities of Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou and Chongqing. Cicada set about restoring traditional Chinese sensibility to a culture that had been torn apart in the 20th century, whilst implementing the theories and processes of modern landscape architecture to create a contemporary Chinese landscape.

200 pp. English Cl.