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Carlo Mollino - Designs

Carlo Mollino - Designs

Carlo Mollino - Designs



P.p. Peruccio ; L. Milan

Publisher Quodlibet

SKU: S02896

Hailing from Turin, the multitalented Italian architect and designer Carlo Mollino (1905–1973) became renowned in his lifetime for his many interests and complex personality. In the early 1930s he began his versatile career by designing and realising buildings and interiors primarily in the Piedmont capital and the Western Alps. This publication presents a new reading of Mollino’s life and his very personal idea of contemporary architecture in light of unpublished archival documents. The works produced by the furniture company Zanotta featured here cover a time frame of 21 years, from the designs for the Miller house (1938) up until the Fenis alpine chair (1959).

112 pp. ils color b/w