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Borrowed City: Motoelastico

Borrowed City: Motoelastico

Borrowed City: Motoelastico


Bruno, Markco, Simone Carena and Minji Kim

Borrowed City: Motoelastico. DAMDI. 2013

Book ID: 96288

The Borrowed City is the way private citizens use public space for personal benefit, from simply standing or walking in it to more elaborate exploitations, such as commercial or leisure activities. Once individual interaction with public space begins, our presence must be constantly negotiated with the rest of the community, something which changes according to local culture or rules and becomes self-defining, a mutual agreement among citizens. In this fascinating study, experimental space-lab MOTOElastico delves extensively into the uses of SeoulÕs public spaces, documenting and analysing a diverse spectrum of typologies and activities through photographs, diagrams and installations.

228 pp. Korean/English. Pap.