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Big Pic Box

Big Pic Box

Big Pic Box


Holmes, Andrew. Box

AA London, 1988

SKU  4407

Flat square box containing a 24 page accompanying booklet + 18 plates each composed of nine Polaroid images which can be assembled in any arrangement to form the composite work NINE TIMES.  Illustrated top of box. Fine copy. - First edition. One impulse behind using the Polaroid camera was to exploit as a medium a contemporary technology: to get away from materials such as paint and canvas and the idea that art should last a thousand years. A ready made image is produced, so the activity of the user becomes that of a searcher and arranger. Patterns and links emerge once the medium has been dealt with and composition can be determined by mathematics rather than by pictorial concerns

24 pp. catalog + 18 plates of nine color polaroid prints each.