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ARTEC Architekten

ARTEC Architekten

ARTEC Architekten


Park Books 2018

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ARTEC Architekten is one of Austria’s leading contemporary architecture firms with a reputation for masterful understanding of the relationship between architecture and the creation of constructive urban environments. Since founding their firm in 1987, Bettina Götz and Richard Manahl have contributed significantly to the discourse on urban design both in Austria and abroad. At the heart of their work is one of the key issues facing today’s cities: housing and its potential to shape the social landscape.

An illustrated manifesto on building concepts in the urban context, ARTEC Architekten introduces readers to the innovative thinking of Götz and Manahl. Six topical essays by Götz and Manahl are illustrated with photographs and renderings, as well as floor plans and sections from a vast selection of their projects. The book’s unique design demonstrates visually what the essays elaborate upon in theory: ARTEC Architekten’s ongoing engagement with architecture’s core topics and the past and present of housing.