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Are Clothes Modern?

Are Clothes Modern?

Are Clothes Modern?


Rudofsky, Bernard.

Cl. Chicago  1947

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This book is a complete departure from the conventional notion that apparel is but one of the eternally puzzling phenomena of life; that it is created by forces unfathomably obscure and beyond our control; and that dress is merely distilled from the remnants of other epochs--a belief which is so dear to museum directors and fashion writers. Rejecting these ideas, the author induces the reader to think for himself rather than to swallow information. He demonstrates that our present-day dress is the perfect expression of our civilization; and less flattering evidence was seldom presented. Mr. Rudofsky reminds us that we smugly accept the stupidity of our clothes because we shy away from an insight into the problems of human work, leisure and happiness. Dust jacket has small section missing in back. Very good clean copy. First Edition

241 pp. B&W photos, illus.