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Antwerp - Territory of a New Modernity

Antwerp - Territory of a New Modernity


Secchi, Bernardo and Paola Vigano, eds. Antwerp - Territory of a New Modernity

Sun 2009

Book ID: 87268

Presents the possible strategies for urban change within the city of Antwerp as seen through the eyes of Milan-based architects, Bernardo Secchi and Paola Vigan˜ who developed a Structure Plan for the city. The architects present the city in different ways Ð Antwerp as a water-city, Antwerp as a harbour-city, Antwerp as a rail-city, Antwerp as an eco-city Ð with a particular emphasis on the spatial character of the city. The publications narrative Ð that shuttles between structuring visions, various scenarios, a project atlas and numerous micro-stories Ð illustrates new methods for urbanism, with a fine balance between reflection and action in urbanism. Research information and writings are accompanied throughout with plans, photographs and illustrations. No. 2 in the Explorations in/of Urbanism series.

240 pp., color illus. English Pap.