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Amazing Places Cost Nothing

Amazing Places Cost Nothing

Amazing Places Cost Nothing


Ypma, Herbert. Amazing Places Cost Nothing

Thames & Hudson. 2012

Book ID: 93218

In a world where package tours and international brands make the leading destinations begin to look alike, the thrill of discovery is in danger of disappearing from travel. Written by travel expert Herbert Ypma, who has traveled the globe, this book will change the way we envision the perfect vacation. Some 300 photographs capture thirty hidden gems from around the world. Ranging from a dusty working cattle ranch in Arizona to BrazilÕs best deserted beach to a secluded island paradise off the coast of the French Riviera, these locations offer priceless adventure and beautyÑespecially because they are relatively inexpensive to visit. Often the best part of the trip is getting there, and Ypma tells engaging stories about how he stumbled upon each place.

304 pp. Cl.